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  • BehaviourExchange

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    Identifying each online visitor and customizing website content in real-time utilizing blockchain technology and token economy

  • Starting Date
    February 23rd, 2018
  • Ending Date
    March 2nd, 2018
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    BehaviourExchange is able to adjust the content on company website in real time and show different content to each individual visitor, according to each visitor’s profile. BehaviourExchange offers unique identification of each individual online visitor in real-time and detailed profiling of visitors with demographic characteristics and interests, which is complementary to Google and Facebook.The BehaviourExchange monthly subscription fee will vary from a few dollars per month up to several thousand dollars per month, depending on the desired details, the volume of traffic, size of the company and the type of industry. This service will be available to millions of B2C companies around the globe that wish to benefit from real-time profiling. BehaviourExchange as a decentralized business model will revolutionize the way companies do business. With the help of Blockchain technology and token economy we will offer profiling in a decentralised manner, similar to what Google and Facebook are offering now in a highly centralised way. And we ensured to be GDPR ready before the new legislation will come into force.

  • Whitelist
  • Token Sale Hard Cap
    $ 21.000.000
  • Token Sale Soft Cap
  • Presale Start Date
    February 23rd, 2018
  • Presale End Date
    March 2nd, 2018
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  • Token Distribution

    - 67% to contributors in the BEX Token Crowdsale (4% through private pre-sale in February 2018, 50% through the token sale in April 2018, 13% will be left to the future token sales) - 10% to incentivize the growth of the network - 23% to founders, current and future team, endorsers, supporters and advisors, early contributors, legal funds, to cover campaign costs and bounty.

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  • Core Team
    • Marijan Jurenec


    • Peter Kresnik

      Director of Sales

    • Barbara Vti?


    • Mitja Doma


    • Gašper Zadnik, PhD

      Data Scientist

    • Lili Cizelj

      Business Intelligence Manager

    • Andraž Zupan?i?

      Project Manager

    • Maša Vozli?

      Psychologist for Big Data Profiling

    • Eva Jurenec


  • Advisory Team
    • Yagub Rahimov
    • Joseph Nardone
    • Štefan Furlan